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SWITECH, OMRON D6M ve Panasonic AV3'in Değiştirilmesi İçin AV3-D6M Üretti

Süresi: 2014-01-04

SWITECH cooperated with Fujitsu - General which is Japanese air-conditioning manufacturer, developed a new kind of subminiature out of micro switch.

This series can exactly confirm the size and hole position of Panasonic electric AV6 MATSUSHITA,and has been completed production and delivered in 2013. It stands for the breakthrough about Electronic Units SC Central air conditioning industry,which also can be purchased in local to shorten the delivery time,cut costs and reduce stocks.

Sonuç olarak , bu yeni ürün, klima üreticilerinin% 30'ten daha fazla maliyet düşürmesi için yardımcı olabilir.